*Dates & times subject to change

*Some events are held on Saturdays or during the day

*All children must be fully potty trained to attend PNO events

* Deployed 30 days +. Must show a copy of orders, Must register by Monday prior to event. Spaces are limited, not always guaranteed a spot

*Early Registration ends at 7pm the Thursday prior to the event.  (no adjustments or exceptions)

*Listed price subject to change according to registration date and military/member status

* Themed events Early Registration closes Tuesday 7pm

*All credit cards will be billed 2-4 days after the event.

*Pick up allows a 5 min grace period. Then there is a $1.00 per minute charge added for all late pick ups.

*Please cancel PNO reservations via email by 5:00pm that evening to receive a full refund.

Where Dreams Take flight


We’ll start off with the obvious, what is PNO? PNO is a breath of fresh air for you, 5 hours of childcare plus dinner provided. From 6pm to 11pm (Fridays) & 5:30pm -10:30pm (Saturdays) your child will be well taken care of by our trained, CPR & First aid certified PNO staff. We provide play, movies, pizza, and more play. PNO is a community event; you do not need to be a member of Aerials Academy to attend PNO.

What time do the kids eat dinner? Pizza time is around 6:30pm-7:15pm

What is the kid to coach ratio? We have a 10:1 ratio for all children ages 5 + children ages 4 and under the ratio is 8:1. We always have 1 host who is not included in that ratio.

Do you have a sick kid policy? Yes, please do not bring kids that aren’t feeling well to PNO. If your child has had a fever or vomiting within the last 24 hours please avoid PNO this week. We will gladly issue you a makeup voucher.

Do you have a cry policy? Yes, we will notify parents if your child cries for over 20 minutes, however if you’d like us to call you sooner we will, make sure to talk to the host at drop off.

What are the PNO rules?

  • Please leave all personal items at home in an effort to limit lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • There is absolutely NO hitting, pushing, kicking, spitting, threats, bad language or fighting at PNO. Zero Tolerance is our policy
  • We have kids with Nut allergies. Please leave all snacks containing nuts at home
  • No Gum at PNO 
  • All children must be fully potty trained to attend PNO. (No Pull Ups)

Event Registration holds the spot for the child, but is not finalized until payment is made. All unpaid registrations will forfeit their spot on the list the day of the event if they have not arrived by 6:30pm. Payments can be made online or in our office

What are you waiting for???


PRICES -Register Early To Save!!!!!

$18/child – Active Duty Military Families (Active Students/Non Active Students) * Must show ID

$20/child – Active Students of the gym

$22/child – Non Active Students of the gym

 Booking After Early Registration Ends - 7:00pm Thursday prior to event

$21/ child – Aerials Active Students & Active Duty Military (Active or non active students)

$25/ child – Non Active Students

$33 /child – Special themed Events * (Non Active Students)

*1st Friday/Saturday Free for deployed spouses!!!! Must pre register


At Aerials Academy, our goal is to promote exploration and imagination while maintaining a positive and fun learning environment. We are committed to enrich your child’s physical and emotional development. Our dedicated team of coaches and instructors will help your child’s dreams take flight!

We offer monthly Parent Night Out Events. Let us entertain and care for your kids while you take a night off……we all know how much you deserve it.