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Q: I registered for classes on your website and it took me to the jackrabbit portal. What is my username ID and password?

A: At the portal page, select Forgot your password or Need to get started? link and it ask you to input the email you used when you registered. Your temporary password will be emailed to you.

Q: I submitted for a free trial on your website but how do I know that it actually went through?
A: Great question, please send a General Inquiry email either through the portal or direct to info@aerialsacademy.com you can also call to speak to one of our representatives to confirm your trial went through successfully 707-689-5060

Q: What should my child wear? 
A: Comfortable clothes that he or she can move around in, nothing too baggy, no zippers, spikes, or jeans. Remember if you have long hair please put it up in a pony tail. 

Q: What should I bring?
A: Your happy, well fed and rested child, bottled water and perhaps a healthy post class snack

Q: How long are Free Trial Classes?
A: Free classes are regular classes just no charge to you, depending on which class you try out times can range from 30 min - 1.5 hours

Q: How do I know what class my child should trial?
A: If your child has had no gymnastics experience, we suggest you start out in a beginners level class suitable for their age/gender. If that class is not advanced enough for your future Olympian we'll gladly give you a second free trial in a higher level class.

Q: My child can't decide between gymnastics classes or dance classes, what should I do?
A: Trial both, we have no problem allowing two free trials to ensure your child is in the right fit class. 

Q: Can my child trial in a class that is full?
A: Unfortunately, we can't allow that for the overall safety of the students and our instructor 

Q: Do you have a membership fee?

A: Yes, upon enrolling we charge an annual membership fee of $40 per family

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes, we offer discounts for the following, Active duty Military, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Teacher, State and Govt' employees. We also offer discounts for siblings and when you sign up for multiple classes.

Q: I really want my child to attend your program, but your class times don't fit my families needs?

A: Send us an email and tell us what you need, we can start a waitlist.

Q: Do I need to reenroll every month that I wish to continue?

A: No, Once enrolled in our programs, you will be continuously enrolled that has reoccurring billing until you drop enrollment.  Drop forms are available at the front desk. Aerials suggest a 30 day drop notice and require at least 15 days notice if you wish to stop attending after the current month. We do not issue a credit or prorate tuition if you drop mid month and there are still classes remaining.