Where Dreams Take flight

Aerials Academy of Gymnastics and Dance Core Values

Flexibility:   At Aerials, we value the busy schedules of you and your children.  In our recreational programs, we value flexibility in adapting programs and/or training schedules and approaches to meet the specific objectives, needs, and interests of each individual child and family that we serve. We will do our best to work with you or guide you in the right direction.

Strength: We will manage our business with the same tenacity and discipline that we ask of our gymnasts and dancers. Our goal is to impact each individual child in a way that builds muscle, character, and self esteem.  And, like our business, we will work with your child to set and pursue goals with passion and purpose.

Safety and Fun:   We must provide a safe and fun environment in order to remain in business.  In all that we do, we will ensure the safety of your child.  We maintain the highest standards for the equipment we obtain, the techniques we teach, and the staff we hire.  And, we bring a passion and energy that facilitates a fun and memorable experience for your child, even in the midst of hard work and discipline.

Respect – For All. We are committed to providing an environment of respect for our gym, athletes, coaches, volunteers, spectators and staff.

Ethics Statement

Gymnastics & Dance is about more than learning to complete a back tuck, cartwheel or perform in a recital. It’s about setting goals and training the mind and body to overcome fear, fatigue and peer pressure to soar to new heights.  These are valuable life skills regardless of whether your aspirations are to tumble & dance for fun or make it to the Olympics or famous dance show some day.  Every member of the Aerials Academy team is committed to ensuring that each gymnast/dancer who walks through the door feels at ease.  Our goal is simple: Making sure that each class was a good day, even in the midst of hard work and discipline.

Aerials Mission Statement

“Make this hour, every customer’s best hour”

Aerials Vision Statement

 We want all of our athletes’ Dreams to soar, we want to develop their self-confidence and experience so that they believe in their abilities, and through their effort and dedication they will be able to achieve their goals.

Aerials Academy – Where dreams take flight